Introduction to fast-moving consumer goods industry

Introduction to fast-moving consumer goods industry
The fast-moving consumer goods industry or FMCG is enormous. It deals with selling things with low shelf life and low costs. People consume these products

The fast-moving consumer goods industry or FMCG is enormous. It deals with selling things with low shelf life and low costs. People consume these products quickly and come back for more. The profit may be low but the customer demand is massive. The two main reason behind increased consumption of these products are,

  1. Increased demand for the product
  2. They are short-lived like food items.
Introduction to Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry
Introduction to Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry

Examples of fast-moving consumer goods

This industry usually involves non-durable consumer goods. The non-durable consumer goods have a life span of around a year. Here is a list of fast-moving consumer goods.

  • Beverages like sodas, mineral water bottles, and energy drinks.
  • Processed food like cereals, beans, and cheese products.
  • Toiletries
  • Over-the-counter medicine like aspirin.
  • Stationary
  • Cleaning products
  • Plastic items etc.

Some of these products have a shorter life span like dairy items and meat products. They go stale instantly.

Examples of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
Examples of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Why should you choose the FMCG industry?

You might have heard of Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Nestle but do you know they are part of the FMCG industry? Yes! These and many other famous brands make FMCG and you already know how successful they are. People prefer the FMCG industry and many want to build a career out of it. Here is why they do it.

FMCG stands for stability, evolution, and betterment

FMCG has a specific place in the world because the things they provide are necessities. People might not buy a car but they will buy toilet paper. This explains the stability. Moreover, it is constantly evolving. You can work and find new and better goods.

FMCG provides plenty of job opportunities

FMCG is a huge industry and many people play their parts in it. Inevitably, it can provide several opportunities. An industry this huge needs people from sales, marketing, operation management, quality control, and whatnot. 

FMCG Provides Plenty of Job Opportunities
FMCG Provides Plenty of Job Opportunities

FMCG can provide a global career

You heard it right, a global career! Every country serves Coca-Cola. They must have warehouses, production, and distribution centers located there. Because the industry is enormous, it can provide opportunities on a global level. It is a beneficial industry.

What are your career options in the FMCG industry?

The FMCG industry loves hiring people with talent and creativity. They are always searching for developing more consumer goods. If you want to step into this world, let’s see your options.

Sales department

You can either become a salesperson or a sales manager depending on your skills. The sales department is crucial to any industry. It helps in getting new customers and also in retaining previous ones.

Marketing department

The marketing department works on attracting people to buy your products. If you have new methods and strategies, you will be a perfect fit here.

Finance department

You can enter the FMCG industry as a finance analyst or finance manager. You can work here and look after the finances. As a manager, you will work on financial planning, budget allotment, etc.

Stock control management

These people look after the available stock. They give out orders to arrange more products. They also talk about the number of products we need.

Stock Control Management
Stock Control Management

Quality control

The quality control works on different tests to ensure the finest quality of the products. Many food products should be tested because of the risk of contamination. You can also work in quality teams if you are qualified.

Apart from these, fast-moving consumer goods companies hire plenty of people for production, distribution, or just labor. The point is, you can make it to this industry. The industry requires people from different education categories.

Innovation in the FMCG industry

The trend for online shopping is increasing. Recently, every company is working towards an online shopping and delivery system. The FMCG industry has also introduced online methods for grocery shopping. This is a milestone in the history of the industry. Like others, the FMCG industry keeps up with new methods and advancements. 


Many famous brands produce fast-moving consumer goods. People are aware of their existence but they are unaware of the fact that these belong to the FMCG industry. People should explore this industry because it has many opportunities. The jobs are stable and secure and they will always be because people need these goods. Apart from these, the industry appreciates new talent and welcomes them with open arms.