Quora marketing: what is it? And how to use it

Quora marketing: what is it? And how to use it
Many people are unaware of the fact that we can use Quora for marketing. It is the most popular Question and answers site presently. Many

Many people are unaware of the fact that we can use Quora for marketing. It is the most popular Question and answers site presently. Many people visit Quora to search for their queries. They rely on this website and it can bring you unlimited traffic and customers. This blog is dedicated to Quora marketing and how you can do it.

Quora marketing: what is it? And how to use it
Quora marketing: what is it? And how to use it

What is Quora?

Quora is a knowledge-based website where people ask questions and other people or experts try to answer them. People have discussed millions of topics on Quora. The bright side is you can use it for marketing purposes. Let’s say you own a mobile shop and someone asks if they should buy a specific phone. You can guide them about this phone and also suggest subtly that they can buy it from you. This is how Quora marketing works.

Why use Quora for marketing?

I’ve already mentioned above that millions of people use Quora in search of answers. Quora is excellent for generating awareness, getting the word out, and helping people. You can get many benefits, 

  • Better reach
  • More followers
  • Show your skills
  • Insights about your audience
  • Understand customer experience and psychology
  • You can also find business tips.

How to use Quora for marketing?

Quora is your all-in-one knowledge platform. A wise person can understand many things from Quora. You can understand what your customers prefer and what not. You can plan your Quora marketing strategy accordingly. Here are a few tips for you in this matter.

Write about your niche

You must mention your niche. If you deal with two or three niches, you should mention all of them. For example, if you work as a health care worker you should write that and mention your experience. This is important because when you give out advice, people will see it and acknowledge your opinion. You should fill out your information, your employment and education especially. These will help out people to trust your opinion even more. 

Find relevant topics

Now, you have to search for relevant topics. You will have to do complete research related to your topics. You can search for the topics and follow them. You will get many options; you can follow them all. Moreover, you can set up alerts and notifications. You can also enable emails to stay updated. You can choose the number of alerts that you want to receive.

As I said, you own a mobile shop. So, you will search for mobile-related things. This is how you find topics.

Find Relevant Topics
Find Relevant Topics

Search for the questions

You need to find the right questions and answer them. There is tough competition because many people usually answer a single question. You should select questions you know completely. You have to give out a good impression of your expertise. You can search your questions by keywords and you will get several questions.

Search for The Questions
Search for The Questions

Be passionate while answering students

When you answer the questions, try to be brief and precise but also make it interesting. So, your audience gets their answer but stays curious enough to seek more from your account. While answering, try to be passionate. You must talk about things with certainty and avoid using words like probably, maybe, etc. Talking with confidence will give out a good impression of you. Try to stand out and add a link to your site. 

Learn from other Quora users

You’re not the only one marketing through Quora. People may even have greater expertise than you. You have a lot to learn from them and how they market their products. Closely watch their techniques and apply them to your websites. Observation is a great skill and you can learn many things just by observation. 

Check those statistics

Like a social media campaign, Quora marketing tools can check your progress. You can analyze the results of your efforts and decide accordingly. Through these tools, you will know how many people visit your account and view your answers.

Check Those Statistics
Check Those Statistics


To keep up with the marketing trends, I would suggest everyone use this site as a marketing tool. It only takes a bit of hard work and no money. Also, your answers will help out people and that’s a good gesture itself. Focus on your communication and writing skills. You can also take Quora marketing courses and start your venture.