How a good typing speed can help you get a job

How a good typing speed can help you get a job
A good typing speed is still in demand. Many companies specifically ask for fast typers in their requirements. What kind of typing is considered fast

A good typing speed is still in demand. Many companies specifically ask for fast typers in their requirements. What kind of typing is considered fast typing? Normally, the speed of typing varies among people but fast typers can write 60+ words per minute. There are many positions available for fast typers. Let’s explore what kind of jobs you can get through fast typing.

Good Typing Speed
Good Typing Speed

Best jobs for fast typers:

There are some jobs specifically for people with good typing skills. You can easily get any of these jobs if you have basic English knowledge in addition to your fast typing speed.

Typist/copy clerk:

Almost every company hires a typist. A good typist is someone who efficiently performs word processing tasks and creates documents in no time. Moreover, this position requires someone who can type fast and accurately. Your work must be free of grammatical errors. A typist is in charge of handling sensitive information and he must be careful with it. If you have MS office training, it will increase your chances of getting hired.

Typist/copy Clerk
Typist/copy Clerk

Data entry specialist:

Data entry professionals work with computer programs and database management software. You must have a good typing speed for data entry. The work is to copy data either from a phone call or a hard copy. With this job, you can make around $21,000 to $36,000 annually.

Data Entry Specialist
Data Entry Specialist


Subtitling is an actual job that can bring in a good income. People like watching movies or tv shows with subtitles so that they can understand them better. Many media producers hire professionals on contract for this subtitling job. You can do freelancing and land huge projects.

Court reporter:

Many things happen in the court. A court reporter’s job is to record every action and every word. Sometimes, many things happen in a blink. Therefore, good typing speed and accuracy are important. 

Medical Transcriptionist:

The job description includes working in a healthcare facility and recording the doctor’s actions. This profession needs someone with advanced typing skills and you’re good to go. Although, it is preferred if you learn a few terminologies about the doctor’s specialty. 

Personal assistant:

Many businessmen have personal assistants. As a personal assistant, you should be able to manage your boss’s affairs. It includes making notes, setting schedules, and accompanying your boss. A fast typist can easily manage these tasks and get things done on time. The job especially demands someone with a 60-wpm typing speed.


If you have command of 2-3 languages, you can easily become a translator. A translator should have proper knowledge of both languages. In addition, excellent writing skills do count. Some of the finest work of authors needs to be translated into other languages. For instance, Harry Potter has been translated into 78 languages. 


A writer must have a good typing speed. Both the writing and typing skills go together. You often need to meet deadlines and late work will leave you with poor performance. Therefore, you must improve your typing skills.


Advantages of good typing speed:

Good typing speed has many advantages,

  1. If you are a journalist or a writer, good typing speed helps your productivity, you can do more work in less time.
  2. If you are a coder or programmer, your fast typing skills will add more to your strengths.
  3. Excellent typing skills get things done and help in your time management, you can save time and do more tasks.

Tips to increase your typing speed:

Here are a few quick tips on how to increase your typing speed.

  • Improve your posture first.
  • Use a keyboard you’re familiar with.
  • Stretching your hands often helps.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!


Good typing speed has many benefits. You can be productive, get a job and be efficient. These are all the reasons why you should work on your typing speed. The most important thing is to keep working and keep typing. Practice makes perfect. When you type a lot, your hands become familiar with the distance between the keys and you will eventually type faster. You can do free typing practice as well. Good typing can be your strength and it can be included in your resume. So, work on it.