Future of biotechnology career and the job opportunities

Future of biotechnology career and the job opportunities
To discuss career and job opportunities in the biotechnology field, you should know what biotechnology is? Biotechnology refers to the use of technology, it involves

To discuss career and job opportunities in the biotechnology field, you should know what biotechnology is? Biotechnology refers to the use of technology, it involves the development of drugs for the advantage of living organisms, etc. 

Biotechnology not only involves lab work but also provides the solution to problems, and making life saving drugs. This interdisciplinary field is complex with research development which provides a Biotechnology career with other fields of biology i.e immunology, virology, microbiology or cell biology, etc.

Future of Biotechnology Career and the Job Opportunities

Areas where biotechnology can be applied?

With the high demand for drugs and medical aids, the demand for this field is rising. Biotechnologists are working more in the pharmaceutical industries to develop drugs and medical devices. 

Moreover, professionals can also perform their duties in industries, government sectors, clinical laboratories, and private sectors. Pharmaceutical leaders in industries bring changes and make drugs more competitive. 

In industries, they can discover treatment of diseases and many other ways to control environmental hazards. They are bringing genetically modified solutions to this complex era of problems.

How to Start a Career in Biotechnology?

The biotechnology career path is straight. To start your career in biotechnology, you must understand the requirements.


A degree of bachelor’s or master’s is required after intermediate level. Many colleges and universities are offering BS, BSc, or M.phil in biotechnology.


Lab-based work and such skills are required to work in any industry or any medical sector.

Research-based work

This discipline involves plenty of research work to form new technology and medicine for treatment of diseases.


Specialization in biotechnology has various fields such as medical biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, plant biotechnology, cellular biotechnology, fermentation biotechnology, food biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, and bioinformatics.

Explore jobs in biotechnology

The field of biotechnology is broad. You can find many job opportunities.

Career options in biotechnology

Many more career opportunities are in biotechnology. Biotechnology career list is following:

  • Genetics
  • Biochemist
  • Forensic lab technicians
  • Environmental biotechnologist
  • Molecular biotechnologist
  • Pharmaceutical biotechnologist

Forensic lab technicians

Biotechnologists can apply their tools and ways to find out criminals. Forensic labs work through  genetic analysis. Biological and experimental work is performed to find criminals. 

Technicians perform Criminal investigation which involves the collection, analysis, and prevention of data. Biotechnologists can utilize forensic chemistry, digital forensic, and toxicology in forensic labs. They help mankind by catching criminals.

Forensic Lab Technicians


In genetics, biotechnologists alter the genetic material of harmful microbes into non-harmful ones. Such methods help control diseases. These people bring modern solutions to control diseases by gene therapy, PCR, or recombinations. 

Genetically modified organisms are helping in pharmaceutical industries and research areas. Hundreds of subfields are based on the genetics of animals, plants, and humans.


It’s a combination of biology and chemistry together. It all comes down to chemicals if we study living things. Biochemistry is all about the study of Fats, Proteins, carbohydrates, their molecules, and synthesis. 

Its research area is helpful in inheritance and chemistry of drugs. The study of the cell and its components enable us to discover etiology of disorders. Biochemists work to find the cure. Their lab work protects the world from future genetic disorders.


Environmental biotechnologist

They address the awareness of pollution, renewable products, or pollutants. They perform treatment of waste material and pollution through biotechnology tools. They use genetically modified microbes as biodegradable material. Furthermore, they try to fix Climate change issues through biotechnology tools. A biotechnology career in such a field can eliminate pollutants from the environment. Environmental biotechnologists are also aware of the effects of man-made ecosystems on the environment. It involves the study of different climate-changing pollutants.

Molecular biotechnologist

Molecular biotechnologists study cell biology, microbiology, and cancer research. They modify the nucleic acid and proteins with their tools.

For disease diagnosis, genome mapping, genome sequencing they study and amplify the genome of different organisms. They study protein and nucleic acid to apply their research in agricultural, environmental, and human health.

Molecular Biotechnologist

Pharmaceutical biotechnologist

Pharmaceutical biotechnologists develop drugs by using biotechnology. Such biotechnologists purify toxic drugs, and make it safe to administer. They Develop drugs by bioformulation such as Interferons and antibiotics. 

Many pharmaceutical companies are looking for biotechnologists in current times. Future of pharmacologists belongs to the development of new and advanced medicines. This is the study of genomics and proteomics which lead to the development of drugs.

Indeed, it is a fruitful field for the new generation.