Where Can I Find a Free CNA Class in Chicago? What Are the Options?

Where Can I Find a Free CNA Class in Chicago? What Are the Options?
Illinois boasts 1,200 registered nursing facilities, with 100 hospitals in Chicago alone, making it one of the most employable locations for CNAs. Why are the

Illinois boasts 1,200 registered nursing facilities, with 100 hospitals in Chicago alone, making it one of the most employable locations for CNAs. Why are the CNA job prospects in Chicago so prosperous? The reason is that it contains some of the highest-quality CNA programs in the whole country, if not the world. Let’s find out more about the top free CNA classes in Chicago that we’ve collected in this article.

1. Career Options, Inc

Career Options, Inc
Career Options, Inc

Career Options, Inc. is dedicated to:

  • Providing high-quality technical healthcare education and hands-on training workshops to prepare prospective students for entry-level positions in the healthcare business.
  • Incorporate technology into classroom instructions and everyday operations, respond to today’s teaching approach.
  • All pupils, regardless of age, sex, color, religion, marital status, or impairments, are provided with a safe physical environment and resources conducive to teaching and learning.
  • Create an infrastructure that provides students with the services they need to finish the program effectively.
  • Supporting the professional growth and development of its professors and staff

Testimonial: “Miss Eva’s CNA lesson was fantastic; she covers all you need to know. She has a lot of expertise and is precise in her lectures.” – Ellen C. 

2. Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training

They are a medical training center that specializes in CPR, BLS, ACLS, PALS, First Aid, AED, and CNA lessons. They were founded in 2003. To accommodate our pupils, they have extended and rebuilt our building. More training rooms and a comprehensive hospital simulation lab have also been added. They are both an AHA-approved training facility and an ISBE-approved vocational school. They also provide IDPH-approved CNA (Basic Nurse Assistant Training) programs.

Testimonial: “Pulse, a vocational school in Chicago, is an excellent place to earn your C.N.A certification. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and competent, and they thoroughly educate you on the skills and information you will require. I was recruited within a week of passing my certification exam, and the nursing facility where I work awarded me the employee of the month shortly after that. I’d like to believe that it was because of Chicago’s Pulse that I stood out among my contemporaries. Everyone you encounter is really concerned about your success, and I cannot recommend this institution highly enough.” – Robert T.

3. Career Training Center of Chicago

Career Training Center of Chicago
Career Training Center of Chicago

The Basic Nurse Assistant Training Program at the Career Training Center of Chicago (CTCC) will give students with extensive theory and clinical training in order to gain the information and abilities required to satisfy the Illinois Department of Public Health’s CNA qualifications. They offer a 5-week course, but if you attend every class, you may complete it in as little as 4 weeks. In reality, the training is designed to be completed as quickly as possible. Fundamental approaches to nursing practice, multicultural culture, and communication are addressed in theory classes with the goal of aiding people in meeting their basic needs. 

Testimonial: “I was having trouble finding a school that offered the CNA curriculum in a shorter time frame than most regular colleges. The Chicago Career Training Center was just what I needed. I finished the course work in 5 weeks at a very cheap price. The professors were extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject they were presenting. The school’s personnel genuinely cared about the students and provided them with the skills they needed to succeed as CNAs. They were also always eager to delve deeper into particular themes and listen to ideas for improvement. Overall, it was a positive experience that I would recommend to anybody seeking a CNA program.” – Abbey B. 

4. Nirvana Institute

Nirvana Institute
Nirvana Institute

The Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program blends classroom learning with hands-on practice in a clinical setting. The Nirvana Institute, Inc. was established to assist students in achieving their professional objectives and to equip them to tackle future difficulties in healthcare by delivering competent and compassionate treatment. They are committed to educating the community via the provision of information and high-quality healthcare.

The state of Illinois requires 120 hours of training, with 80 hours of theoretical and 40 hours of clinical. 5 weeks of lecture, manual skills in the laboratory, and supervised clinical experiences at a healthcare center provide the education and training.

Testimonial: “Employees that are willing to go above and beyond to assist you to reach your phlebotomy or CNA goals. Ms. C is a very trustworthy and dedicated teacher. I recently completed my certification exam and believe I passed. I’m awaiting results, but I know they did really well as a class due to the one-on-one environment.” – James T.

5. Verve College

Verve College
Verve College

Every enrolled student at Verve College will get training in both clinical and didactic areas in the field of Basic Nursing Aide. The student will earn a certificate after graduating from the program with an 84 percent or greater grade and passing the clinical practicum portion of the course. In addition, students will be qualified to take the State Licensure Exam.

To work as a Certified Nursing Aide in the state of Illinois, students must pass the Illinois State Certification Exam.

Testimonial: “I would advise you to enroll in the college’s PN program, which has highly qualified faculty and a concentrated curriculum. My time at the institution was positive, and I passed the NCLEX-PN licensing exam on my first try.” – Nicole P.

In Summary

It’s possible that the ideal school for one student isn’t the best fit for some others. Instead, tailor your search to locate the ideal CNA program in Chicago. In addition, these CNA programs will help you access some of the best biomedical sciences jobs in your local area. By picking out the suitable class that we mentioned above, you can easily advance your CNA career and gain massive real-life experience in the field.