Top Careers With The Highest Happiness Index

Top Careers With The Highest Happiness Index
A career is like your life partner. If you are lucky enough to find a suitable career, you will feel extremely happy. Sticking with a

A career is like your life partner. If you are lucky enough to find a suitable career, you will feel extremely happy. Sticking with a long-term job depends not only on the salary and promotion opportunities but also on the feeling of happiness that the profession brings. In this blog, let’s take a look at some of the professions with the highest happiness indexes in the world.

Marketing and Public Relations Officers

These are stressful professions. They often face complex problems such as PR crisis, how to revive a brand, how to overcome when customers turn away from the product, and so on. Marketing and public relations staff will come in contact with a wide variety of customers. These professions come with a special emphasis on friendliness. They are the ones who always create and innovate their style of talking, negotiating, dressing, and so on.

Marketing and Public Relations Officers

However, most people in these professions love their jobs. They often find being creative every day and working in a dynamic environment interesting. Communicating and expanding social relationships give them a feeling of happiness.


According to a study of a university in the UK, engineering is a profession that brings the most happiness to people. Engineers will have to deal with problems that require high technical expertise. But the feeling of overcoming them makes these people feel fulfilled and happy.

Coming up with your ideas to solve a problem, create a product or turn that idea into reality is like a process to happiness. When everything is perfect and complete, it is time for them to reach the destination of happiness and continue to search for a way to find other happiness.


Doctors are considered a noble profession and are respected in any era. Doctors help people overcome pain and difficulties. This makes them very happy and proud of the work they do, but also feel pressured. Although this profession brings a lot of pressure when doctors have to face the decisive moments of people’s lives, the feeling of saving a person’s life makes them always feel happy.


Today, when all countries in the world are struggling to fight the covid 19 pandemics, doctors are considered white-shirted soldiers. They are pioneers in the fight against this global pandemic. Although they have to go through many difficulties, they consider it a great happiness to see patients recover, making a great contribution to humanity in the fight against the pandemic.


We all have at least once in our lives experienced the overwhelming feeling of witnessing the magic of chemicals reacting with each other. So do scientists. They are the creators and innovators of new scientific experiments. It is undeniable that, when completing a research project, scientists feel extremely happy after a long time of hard work and study of science courses.

Journalists and reporters

The job of journalism and media reporters allows employees to go to many places and experience many new things. This helps them absorb and appreciate the interesting things about life. Journalists and reporters allow you to work freely without having to visit the headquarters much. The sense of freedom and the nature of work makes reporters and journalists happier.

Journalists and Reporters

Despite challenging journalism courses, the experience of working as a journalist and reporter is always particularly unforgettable.