How can you win back customers using SMS marketing?

How can you win back customers using SMS marketing?
Businesses and companies always struggle with customer retention. As beneficial as a repeat customer is, it takes a lot to make them come back to

Businesses and companies always struggle with customer retention. As beneficial as a repeat customer is, it takes a lot to make them come back to you. You may be aware of the fact that a repeat customer is more likely to turn into a loyal one than and after spending even more resources, you cannot guarantee that a new customer will convert into a repeat customer. 

Bbulk SMS Marketing
Bbulk SMS Marketing

So, what if you lost a chunk of your customers to your competitors? You would want to win them back, right?

Well, here is where an effective SMS marketing campaign comes into play. SMS alerts are one of the most open-source, interactive, and responsive digital marketing strategies. You can win the lost customers back if you use texts in the most responsible way.

Here is how you can win your customers back by utilizing SMS marketing services.

Know the reasons

First and foremost, you need to understand why your customers opted to leave you and go to your customers. Factors that may cause that include quality of your products, or problems with shipping are the most important ones. If you were already using SMS marketing, then you might have done something right that may have caused that. Too frequent messages, irrelevant content, timing, and others are examples of SMS marketing misuses. You need to diminish these problems by sending a few texts as possible with the most targeted content specifically meant for the recipient.

Divide & conquer

At this point, you will have to get fierce and use every digital marketing tool at your disposal to divide lost customers into different categories. The first category includes customers who have been inactive for 30 days and the second category includes customers who didn’t have any contact with you for the past 60 days. You can even take it a step further and also target those who have been inactive for 90 days. After knowing why they left you in the first place, you will be able to mend your ways to target them in a better and more responsible way.

Send them an offer

Now, it’s time for you to send them an SMS. This is where your essential marketing skills will be beneficial for you. Create a personalized customized text. Make it as short as possible. With the first few words, introduce yourself. After that, call your customers out by their first names. After that, let them know what you are offering. Out of the three categories mentioned above, you can offer one with free shipping on their next order, and 15% off on the next purchase to the second category. As customers who have been inactive for 90 days are the most crucial ones, you need to make them the best offer you have in your stores. Put a time limit to the offers so that they can come into contact with you soon as possible. 

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Retarget those who didn’t avail

Wait for them to avail the offers till the last day. Most of them will avail the opportunity and for those who didn’t, you can hit them with an even better offer. Be gentle with your SMS content and remind them that they didn’t avail the last offer. So, tell them you have gone all in this time. Instead of bulk SMS marketing, you can get much better results by sending one SMS every week. 

Retarget Those Who Didn’t Avail
Retarget Those Who Didn’t Avail

Win them back

Everything you have done so far is only the start. You have a long way to go to make them loyal and win them back from your competitors. The customers who availed the last two offers are showing some interest in you again. So, don’t leave it at that. Send them a second offer after a while. You need to keep in mind that every offer should be different than the previous. Provide them coupons, codes, and exclusive offers to make them feel special. Train your customer support employees for best communication skills and problem skills. They should be able to solve customers’ problems as soon as they come in contact with your company.

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Keep on using SMS marketing even after you have won them back and made them loyal to your brand. Let them advocate for you and bring in new customers.