How to become a cyber-security expert?

How to become a cyber-security expert?
The use of the internet has grown immensely over the years and today, almost every organization in the world has an online presence. With the

The use of the internet has grown immensely over the years and today, almost every organization in the world has an online presence. With the increased use of the internet, software, and computers, and smartphones themselves, businesses need to protect themselves from cyber-attacks as these devices and software may expose them to cyber-criminals.

What is cyber security?  

Cyber Security is the act of shielding PCs, networks, hardware, software, cell phones, and information from unauthorized access. Cyber Security experts guard the systems against various kinds of digital threats. Cybercriminals hit organizations and private computers frequently, and the diversity and rate of such attacks have expanded rapidly.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

It is vital for organizations to become aware of the threats, avoid any discrepancies, and practice the necessary safety measures to attain success in this fight. Today, like never before, organizations need to focus on creating and keeping a group of Cyber Security Experts who can anticipate how culprits think. Therefore, Jobs in cyber security are among the quickest developing professions in the business world as well as many other areas.

Requirements for a Cyber Security Expert

Mainly, a Cyber Security expert should meet the following requirements in terms of education and other skills.

Educational requirements:

  • Degree in Computer Science, IT, Systems Engineering, or a related area of study.
  • Degree in Cyber Security

Technical Skills:

  • Skilled in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Mastery in various programming languages namely C++, Java, Python, HTML, or PHP.
  • Grasp on Proxy Server and Packet Shaper.
  • Knowledge of UNIX, Windows, and Linux Systems.
  • Expertise in Modern work plans and styles that hackers are using.

Soft Skills:

  • Potential to work under pressure.
  • High- Quality problem-solving skills.
  • Analytical thinking abilities.
  • Outstanding communication skills.

Required Certifications:

Explore the necessities of the job that you have decided to pursue and keep the ultimate goal in mind. For system security, certifications may not be needed when you are beginning your profession but to fulfill your ultimate goal, it is wise to get certain certifications while acquiring some experience as it may help you acquire a senior-level job in the future.

Cyber Security Certification options are as follows:

After gaining experience you may opt for advanced level certifications like;

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)

Initially, a few employers may acknowledge a certificate or a couple of years of experience. To move your way up, a specialized Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security or a related field is essential.

Requirements For A Cyber Security Expert
Requirements For A Cyber Security Expert

Career Opportunities

Before knowing how to protect the technology, one must know how it works. Many people get lucky and start their career with a job related to cyber security, but most of them have to climb up the ladder. The first step is to get the knowledge of technology and systems by getting a job related to IT. IT includes the position of IT Technician, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Web developer, etc. After gaining enough experience you can step up your game and apply for upper-level jobs like Security Architect, Security Consultant, or Security Manager.

Career opportunities for this field are vast. If you are unable to get the above-stated jobs you may think to go for Computer Security Specialist, IT Security Specialist, etc.

Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities

Cyber security jobs are expected to grow more rapidly than any other profession in the next few years due to the rising demand for cyber security experts in various companies.

As of now, there is extreme popularity for Cyber Security Experts in countless industries, worldwide banks, and many organizations, whether big or small. This is a quickly developing field. Relying upon the requirements of the business, you will probably take on fixed-term jobs. Numerous Cyber Security Experts in the long run become independently employed.

Keep learning…

Cyber Security Experts should be able to make headway towards new technologies and techniques as the world is growing rapidly and brand new procedures and techniques are being introduced regularly. An expert should keep working on their skills to wrestle the upcoming challenges. Resuming education in addition to gaining certifications and experience is necessary to explore new opportunities and open new doors in the industry. A person with this job should be open to technological advances and should be ready to deal with various circumstances.

Cyber Security Experts
Cyber Security Experts

Salary Expectations

According to PayScale, Cyber Security experts have a wide range of salaries determined by their skills and experience. The average annual salaries range from $48,000 to $124,000. Cyber security experts’ average annual salary is $77,172.