Physician curriculum vitae tips: selling career accomplishments

Physician curriculum vitae tips: selling career accomplishments
It’s crazy how people hire you based on a paper, but it’s the way, and you have to sell out your achievements through it. Many

It’s crazy how people hire you based on a paper, but it’s the way, and you have to sell out your achievements through it. Many people apply for a job, and the competition is tough. It makes your chances of success low. What if I say you can change that? Yes! You can increase your chances of success by paying attention to every process of job search. 

As a physician, your primary focus should be to talk about your career achievements, because it matters greatly in this profession. No one cares about if you won scrabble or not. You should be able to talk about your career and what skills you have. 

Physician Curriculum Vitae Tips: Selling Career Accomplishments
Physician Curriculum Vitae Tips: Selling Career Accomplishments

Here are a few physician curriculum vitae tips to make your resume more attractive and stand out.

Select your format

There are two main types of physicians CV format,

  • Chronological 
  • Functional 

The chronological format talks about your accomplishments in order. Like first, you did MBBS then, internship then, FCPS, etc.

The functional format focuses more on your achievements rather than education. It is all about your skills and what you can provide. I would suggest you choose the functional format as the employers are interested in what you can do for them instead of what you have already done.

Select your Format
Select your Format

Highlight your accomplishments

You must highlight your skills with a different color. It gives out a better impression and looks good as well. Moreover, people pay special attention to the highlighted area. Mention all your accomplishments like, ‘I have assisted the chief surgeon in a cholecystectomy”. It is an accomplishment, and it states that you can do it again. Everyone has achieved different milestones so; you have to mention your own.

Choose the right fonts

The font also matters when writing a physician’s CV. People try to use fancy fonts, but they are just overdoing it. You should always go for a simpler font like Arial and Calibri. They are simple and easy to understand. Also, don’t overdo the font size. Always use between 10-12 points.

Add about your certifications

Some companies require additional paperwork. Certifications are a part of it. It is a simple list of your exams and board exams taken with the actual date. It includes the licensure of all the state exams and your license to practice medicine. 

Mention if you can lead

Many healthcare administrators love it if you can be a leader. If they can rely on you during life-threatening conditions. Gold standard physicians can handle these situations, and it is a huge advantage. Moreover, if you can lead in a critical situation, it will work well for you.

Subtly add your reference

You can add your reference if you have any. Many hospitals often look for references because they want to hire reliable candidates. You should add your reference, but there’s no need to highlight them. You can write the phrase ‘available upon request. Your employers will consider you more and take a second look at your qualifications.

Talk about your impact

Your impact matters. Mention if your presence has made any significant contribution to your workplace. Has the productivity increased, or have you added anything to surpass the revenue? It is your impact, and you must mention it. You may think it’s a showoff, but that’s what you need. Other things which determine your impact can be,

  1. Have you done anything for patient satisfaction?
  2. Have you researched any topic?
  3. Were you a part of any campaign?
  4. Did you provide better ethical teachings to your subordinates?
Talk About your Impact
Talk About your Impact

Write a compelling cover letter

Your physician CV cover letter should compel your audience to give you that interview call. Your cover letter includes your expectations from the hospital and your uniqueness which makes you suitable for the job. Also, mention your hobbies and life outside medicine. It will give an idea about you as a person and give out a personality to your resume.

Write a Compelling Cover Letter
Write a Compelling Cover Letter

Apart from these, read your resume almost three times. Make sure it is error-free, and everything is correct. Check the dates and your documents. Find your typos, unnecessary phrases, and redundancies. These will help you create an error-free resume that will be hard to reject. There are many physicians’ CV examples on the internet. You can take help from there.