Getting jobs as a graphic designer on LinkedIn

Getting jobs as a graphic designer on LinkedIn
Voila! You are finally done with your graphic design degree. Now, you’re fresh in the market for a job hunt. Where should you start from? 

Voila! You are finally done with your graphic design degree. Now, you’re fresh in the market for a job hunt. Where should you start from?  Landing a job is not an easy task. There are plenty of other fish in the sea as well. What should you do? Firstly, you need to cover all your bases. Make a list of all the companies which are currently hiring. Then, you should make a CV, send it to respectable forums and wait for their call. It’s like a standard procedure. Secondly, make a profile on LinkedIn. 

jobs on LinkedIn
jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform for two main purposes,

  • To help people who are searching for jobs
  • To help owners who are seeking out employees

If you’re either one of the above, you can find the other. But of course, there’s competition again. How can you stand out among millions of designers who use LinkedIn?

Tips on getting a job through LinkedIn: 

It is easier to discover a black spot on a white sheet. Similarly, when you are different, people take notice. Currently, there are 55 million companies that might provide you jobs on LinkedIn. Our step-by-step approach will help you find beneficial jobs through this platform. 

Create an exceptional profile:

Your profile has to be unique in every aspect. As a graphic designer, you must have many ideas regarding this. It should be catchy because your profile is your first impression. Your goal should be to amaze the person who visits your profile. This is what you should do,

  • Fill your data
  • Add profile and cover photos
  • Know your audience and tell them how you can solve their problems
  • Check other profiles thoroughly and try to be noteworthy
  • Make a catchy headline, use relevant keywords
  • Get a custom URL 
  • Keep your summary brief
  • Add all your graphic design skills
  • Mention the type of job you are seeking
  • Mention if you have any experience.

Build contacts:

Connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn becomes so much easier when you have contacts. It is irrelevant if you’re not a people person, you should always interact. Whether it’s a friend from college, a past client, or someone you met during an interview. You should follow them on LinkedIn, and help them in any way you can. You can send them links that might be useful for them or exchange greetings. When you build a strong network of people, they can also help you. Your friends can refer you to a reputable firm or promote your profile. 

Build Contacts
Build Contacts

Search for the vacancy:

First, you have to look for all the companies that are currently hiring. There are plenty of graphic designer jobs on LinkedIn. Secondly, target a job that matches your qualifications. In our opinion, always select the job that you can surely do. When you find the job you want, you can either message them directly or you can follow their criteria for hiring. Always remember to be polite and courteous while talking to a recruiter.

Search For The Vacancy
Search For The Vacancy

Stay active at all times:

You must stay active on your LinkedIn profile. You should enable notifications in case any recruiter responds to your resume. You should also be aware of new methods for finding clients on LinkedIn. However, it will be awful if you lose a potential chance of employment because you were inactive. 

Have a positive outlook:

You don’t need to get a job as soon as you join LinkedIn. It requires strategy and techniques. But don’t get disappointed. Instead, you should keep approaching the clients. You should keep trying to build contacts with people you come across. Be persistent. Work hard. In the meantime, you can take free graphic design courses to further polish your skills.

Have a Positive Outlook
Have a Positive Outlook


This step-by-step method is a basic guideline towards getting a job as a graphic designer. However, several individual variables affect the process of job hunting. It depends on your profile, your connections with the right people, your skills, and your reviews as well. If you are successful in securing a job, you should do it wholeheartedly so that the client can further recommend you in the time of need. Tell your family and friends that you’re searching for a job through LinkedIn. Get the word out and good luck.