Geo-Targeting: How to Use It to Increase Conversions

Geo-Targeting: How to Use It to Increase Conversions
Users can access websites from anywhere in the world. With just a stable internet connection and a technological gadget, you can search for anything on

Users can access websites from anywhere in the world. With just a stable internet connection and a technological gadget, you can search for anything on the internet. Take an example of a small ecommerce website in Florida; its accessibility is a click away. A person sitting in India or anywhere else in the world can access it without any hassle.

The only problem?

People living in different parts of the world differ in lifestyles. Their gender, age, aspects, and perspective – everything is different. More suggestively, different countries have other languages, currencies, and cultural expectations. Yet, you have to use the existing marketing strategies and infrastructure to cater to the audience all over the globe.

Geo-Targeting: How to Use It to Increase Conversions

Well, the answer is geo-targeting.

What is Geo-Targeting?

It is an active response to the client’s geographical location. Your site determines the audience’s location relying on the Wi-Fi, IP address, GPS data, and other relevant content and adjusts the setting accordingly.

Using geo-targeting strategies effectively, personalization centered on geo-targeting can be a prevailing way for conversion rate optimization. People access your website from tons of distinctive locations. This means every person that accesses the website has different languages, climates, cultural expectations, nationalities, and currencies. Geo-targeting enables a website to render content that is modified to the location of a client.

What is Geo-Targeting

In simple words, geographic targeting dynamically alters the website content to make it more meaningful.

Ways to Increase Conversions with Geo-targeting:

In this article, we’ll discuss six ways to increase conversions with geo-targeting. Trust me, apply these strategies and see the results for yourself.

Exhibit Products that are related to the Climate and Culture:

Modifying the displayed products according to the customer’s location is often used by online retailers. For instance, online clothing stores deliver their products to a wide range of areas. Now, the people in the USA can face two types of climates. Cold in Northern areas and hot in southern regions. So, in such a case, sweaters, jackets, and mufflers should be displayed for people living in Northern USA while beachwear for the Southern audience.

Promote Products Geographically:

Proper product promotion requires you to not consider your customer as a one group. You can reach a wider audience by offering special promotions split up by region. For instance, countries where the academic year begins in January should promote their back-to-school products. At the same time, visitors of the site living in areas where the academic year starts in September should promote such products then.

Weather-Related Promotions Help:

Local weather conditions can increase the sales of some products. E-retailer can use this trend by proposing weather-related promotions. The most common example of such a campaign can be shampoo. Weather can result in different hair conditions. In some weather, the hair becomes dry, and in some cases, it becomes frizzy. So, shampoo companies can target the audience by analyzing the issues caused by weather and promote a product accordingly.

Weather-Related Promotions Help

Localized Shipping Offers:

High shipping costs are one reason why customers don’t purchase that product in the cart. Your location near the distribution centers affects shipping rates and times. With the help of geo-targeting, one can display the shipping offers customized according to the area.

Display the Applicable Taxes:

The tax rates are different in different regions. Adjusting the tax rates can be a significant factor in driving international sales among the provinces and states. The time is short – you’ll only have a few seconds to convince the customer to purchase a particular product tax-free. This way, you can quickly drive more audiences to buy your products.

Suggest the Closest Stores:

Displaying the closest physical stores is the best way to convince the customers to purchase a product. Some customers aren’t satisfied with the online purchases, and for them, you need to locate the nearest physical stores. This drives more customers, which eventually increases the sales and revenue.



In this article, we have thoroughly discussed the different strategies with geo-targeting examples. We hope you have learned how geo-targeting can help you with lead generation and sales conversions. By personalizing your website’s content that suits your client’s location, culture, and climate, you can quickly increase the conversions. You can do this by displaying the products related to the local environment, defining deals and promotions, offering localized shipping offers, and showing applicable taxes along with the closest stores. Such ideas can quickly boost your sales and increase conversions.