5 Successful Strategies for Fashion Startups to Implement in 2021

5 Successful Strategies for Fashion Startups to Implement in 2021
Over 50 big fashion retailers experienced a huge jump in revenue in 2020 under the cloud of COVID-19. Even famous brands like Levi’s and Nike

Over 50 big fashion retailers experienced a huge jump in revenue in 2020 under the cloud of COVID-19. Even famous brands like Levi’s and Nike are also undergoing this crisis. So, is there any possibility that your fashion startups will survive and succeed in the upcoming years? 

Here’re 5 fashion strategies to thrive and shine you may want to execute.

Successful Strategies for Fashion Startups
Successful Strategies for Fashion Startups

Grow your e-commerce

It would be a regret if you haven’t taken advantage of great e-commerce opportunities. While deciding which brands to purchase from, the ability to shop via mobile is among the key factors now. 

People are spending more time online and social media, like Facebook and Instagram, creating more room for business to grow. Also, online has become the most favorable and the safest shopping experience in the pandemic. This will encourage customers to buy online frequently, thus protecting your shop from huge dips in sales.

As a fashion brand, you need to grab every chance online to meet customers, wherever they are, on their mobile devices, within their arm’s reach.

Design fashion sustainably

People are getting more and more concerned about the environmental impacts. Designing fashion sustainably is not just a trend but a business imperative.

Design Fashion Sustainably
Design Fashion Sustainably

In the fashion industry, various brands are implementing a new and emerging fashion strategy Eco-design during the production and manufacturing process. It not only improves the environmental outcomes, it can also reduce your costs in the long-term. Going green can help achieve more efficiency, improve your brand value and reputation, and also attract and retain staff.

Some simple tips on how to design products that reduce environmental impacts:

  • Identify key outcomes in the design brief and concept
  • Choose sustainable materials
  • Minimize waste during pattern making
  • Select ethical garment construction
  • Reduce waste in packaging

For more tips to become a sustainable fashion designer, discover here.

Define your unique selling point

Unique selling point (USP) is the key factor that positions a brand and distinguishes it from competitors.

Define Your Unique Selling Point
Define Your Unique Selling Point

USP is more than a slogan – it’s your competitive edge that you can incorporate into your products, your brand, the experience you provide, and any other touch point your customers have with your business. USP is important and you should spend time finding out how to provide more value to consumers, so they won’t opt for others’ goods or services.

Examples of a fashion brand USP:

  • Unique design (color, fabric, materials, details,..)
  • Limited availability
  • Customization
  • Mission – clear vision, mission and core value make a brand more attractive

Become your own influencer 

When it comes to marketing and building awareness of a fashion item, influencer marketing is without exaggeration the first choice of many fashion brands.

Doing celebrity or influencer marketing for your brands really boosts your engagement rates and spreads your images. Yet, fashion startups with a small budget should consider becoming your own influencer.

You can start by forming your own channels offering genuine value to viewers and followers. As long as you choose the right platform that best suits your brand and the information you provide is valuable, it could bring substantial followers.

There are two main ways to approach this. 

  • Simply boost your brand’s social media accounts and make direct relationships with your customers there. 
  • Build a fashion blog that covers related topics, such as fashion news, advice, trends, and then position your brand as sponsors or recommend its products. 

Guarantee the best customer experience

Customers now become very picky and selective when making purchasing decisions because the number of fashion brands is increasing rapidly.  Only brands that are able to evoke positive feelings will stay on their mind. 

To be memorable, your business must give them such exceptional shopping experience both online and offline. Try giving your customers the best treat they deserve, from packaging, customer support, to email newsletters. Make them excited every time they shop with you!


No matter the size of your business, with the right strategies, small startups can still grow to highly successful brands. Just prepare high-quality, sustainable and unique products, offer great customer experience, and make use of all the e-commerce opportunities, then your business will be able to beat the big players. You’d better sign up for a fashion design course and learn before starting out!