What are Landing Pages and how do they work?

What are Landing Pages and how do they work?
What is a landing page? A landing page on a website is a super-focused web page designed to standalone for marketing, advertising campaigns, or some other specific goals.

What is a landing page?

landing page on a website is a super-focused web page designed to standalone for marketing, advertising campaigns, or some other specific goals. A Landing page means a web page where a visitor “lands” after clicking the link; unlike other web pages, it is different because of the purpose behind its creation. A homepage serves other purposes of the site as well. Landing pages are used to get higher user attention and click-through rates. The Landing page works by converting the visitors into leads. A landing page could be a lead-capture form, advertising page of a specific product, community membership, etc.

Landing Pages Examples
Landing Pages Examples

Purpose of Using Landing Pages:

Landing pages promote your sales, enrollment, click-through rates, or something else as per need, faster than other web pages. In comparison, homepages are composed of an overview of dozens of links of the whole products of a brand. Landing pages let the users take immediate action, increase conversions by providing a better user experience and generate more effective leads. It helps track the topics, which provides more click-through rates and lets you collect data to create a more targeted, personalized marketing strategy. This helps you to refine your marketing strategy to engage with your audience.

Landing pages Examples:

Free trial of a Product:

Offering a free demo of your product to gasp visitor’s attention and make your customer. The Landing page would create visitors’ interest to avail the chance, and then it will be on your service if customers keep using this. The Landing page will provide the customer a sign-up platform for a free trial of your software/service using their name, number, education, email, and any other information that you deem to give them the best customer experience. 

Download an App:

Developing an app for your product is not enough to improve your customer experience; rather, you need to capture visitor’s attention. Landing pages lead the visitors and let them download the app.

Landing page builder:

There are several platforms available for building a landing page. Various platforms work differently and have different user experience, but here are some short-listed best landing pages builders: –


Unbounce is one of the most highly ranked competitive landing page builders. It provides the users with the easiest way to build a landing page. It is the first landing page builder which has invented the category. Anyone with zero experience can build, launch, and optimize the landing page for any campaign using Unbounce. It provides 100+ different optimizing eye-catching templates for the user to choose from. 



Landingi is a flexible platform to build, launch, and optimize landing pages for your digital campaigns. Landingi has a powerful editor, and anyone can build landing pages without IT, programming, and coding skills. One of the other amazing features that other platforms do not have is that it allows you to clone other pages from the internet. However, the mobile editor of the Landingi is quite difficult to use. 



Instapage is one of the most popular landing page builders. The most useful platform to create several landing pages within no time. It also allows you to save your own blocks so that you could reuse them later. It provides a simple “drag and drop” option to build landing pages. It also provides direct WordPress integration. Moreover, it provides 200+ templates to create the desired landing page.


Landing page Designs:

The Landing page design should be such that it could convince the visitor to act; due to this action, the customer will contact you by downloading the file, signing up in the program, etc. That clearly defines Call-To-Actions (CTAs). A good and optimizing Landing page should have the following qualities: –

  • Eye-catching heading.
  • Clean and Clear Format.
  • Impressing writing style.
  • Trust Developing indicators.
  • Prominent and visible content sections.
  • Attractive color scheme.
  • Stand out Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons.
  • Statistical evidence.
  • Provoking Media.
  • Relevant Privacy and Policy.