What are the popular types of animations?

What are the popular types of animations?
You must have watched The Lion King or Cinderella. These are quite different from normal movies. This is a whole different genre of movies called

You must have watched The Lion King or Cinderella. These are quite different from normal movies. This is a whole different genre of movies called animated movies. The difference is that it is practically a cartoon but the characters are dancing, moving, and singing. 

Type Of Animation Effect
Type Of Animation Effect

Will you believe it if I tell you that this movie is just a bunch of pictures moving very fast like in a flipbook. You might not but this is the truth. Animation is a process that involves designing and drawing photographs in a sequence that creates a virtual sense of movement for the viewers. 

Classical animation vs Computer animation:

Animation dates back to almost a century. You can see clear differences in quality between Sleeping Beauty and Frozen. Just like everything else, the art of animation has also evolved. Classical animators used to draw each scene while computer-based animations use computers to save both time and effort.

What are the popular types of animations?

There are five types of animations that are commonly used:

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Stop Motion
  • Whiteboard animation

2D Animation:

It is the oldest method of animation. Traditional animation was also 2D. Now, we have switched to digital 2D animation. We have a lot of software for digital 2D animation. They could be free or paid. For example, Synfig and Opentoonz are free for beginners.

How does it work?

In classical animation, the animators had to draw each frame by hand on a cellulose sheet but those days are over. Now we have digital tools and methods to save our energy. In digital animation, we need to make a couple of frames and their movements in each frame. We can add color as we like. Add some background music and you’re good to go. 

Famous movies like Aladdin are based on 2D animation techniques.

3D animation:

Moving forward, the world is now hooked on 3D animations. This is mainly because of its realistic approach. 3D animation type is very popular. Almost all the animated movies of today are based on 3D animations and graphics.

How to create 3D animations?

3D animations are easier to create. There are many different types of animation software. 3D animation software like Blender and Daz studio can create flawless animations. The motion is assigned to each character and computer software can easily manage further movements.

3D animation software is widely used to make short films, full movies, and YouTube videos. A proper career in 3D animation is very fruitful these days.

How To Create 3D Animations
How To Create 3D Animations

Motion Graphics:

It is another type of animation effect that focuses on the written information. There are no cartoons but the text is moving. It is used in multimedia and advertisements. The background music can also be added. 

The name of the movie that often emerges from somewhere else and comes to the center is also an example of motion graphics. Motion graphics are widely used in business conferences and presentations.

Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics

Stop Motion:

The stop motion animation has been here for a long time. It uses frames to create unrealistic animations like in the movie ‘Chicken Run’. The objects are physically manipulated to move in a manner that each character shows independent motion. 

Any kind of object can be animated by stop motion. It could be a rock having arms or legs or anything else. Clay figures and puppets with moveable joints are the most commonly used figures for stop motion animation.

Whiteboard animation:

It is a different type of animation in which the animator uses a whiteboard to draw or write. The illustrator can use different colored marker pens to tell a story, prove a point, or teach something. 

Many teachers use whiteboard animation to make YouTube videos. Tutorials can be easily understood through these kinds of animations.


People all over the world have been watching animations for a long time. This is why animators love to create.  It is so famous in Japan; they have their industry that goes by the name of ‘Anime’. I am sure we all must be familiar with this term. Some people are taking online animation courses and enhancing their skills while others are making videos and earning through YouTube. In the end, animation is a skill that will never go to waste. At present, many companies are hiring professional animators. It can be you as well.