Top 5 career options in the fashion industry

Top 5 career options in the fashion industry
The fashion industry is a whole other universe of glamour. It is a vast line of work that can never run out of business. It

The fashion industry is a whole other universe of glamour. It is a vast line of work that can never run out of business. It is quite a competitive industry always ready to embrace new talents and ideas, providing many career opportunities to the next generation. From a suitable career to fame and a secure future, the fashion industry covers it all. Apart from this, the main attractiveness is the fame that follows after joining the industry. Whether it’s modeling or fashion designing, people will follow it religiously.

Fashion Industry
Fashion Industry

Following are the top 5 career opportunities in the fashion industry,

Fashion designing:

Among all careers, the most famous is fashion designing. Fashion designing is the art of putting together clothes of different colors and textures. It is done in a way that is the most appealing to the audience. Becoming a fashion designer requires talent and creativity. Your qualifications must be a bachelor-level degree in fashion designing or a certificate/diploma from a reputable facility. 

If you have the skills then a whole career in fashion designing will welcome you appreciatively. It is a very promising field. There are many jobs in fashion designing and let’s not forget the perks of being famous.

There are many types of fashion designers:

  • Haute couture designers
  • Luxury fashion designers
  • Ready-to-wear 
  • Sportswear
  • Lingerie designers
  • Mass market
  • Economy wears etc.

You can choose the sub-field according to your liking. Your dedication and creativity will decide the outcome of your success.

Fashion Designing
Fashion Designing


Well, we all look up to the Hadid sisters and Kendell Jenner, the world-famous supermodels. Modeling is a distinguished career in the fashion industry. If you have the perfect height and a slim figure, you can easily opt for this career. And if you don’t have the body, do not worry because many plus-size women are modeling at present times. 

A portfolio is the first step towards modeling and association with modeling agencies is the second.

There are many categories among models:

  • Fashion models
  • Runway models 
  • Commercial models
  • Fitness or sportswear models
  • Swimsuit models
  • Lingerie models etc.

It is a high-paying and suitable job. The respect and fame that follows it is no less than an actor or a politician. You can also be an influencer. Modeling will introduce you to a whole other lifestyle.


Textile designing:

Textile designers are the backbone of the fashion industry. Textile designers are always in demand. They are technical artists. These people have mastered the art of transforming threads into textiles. You need a degree in this field to enter this world. Many universities offer courses and degrees in textile designing

Textile designing has many jobs in the fashion industry. They are often employed by fashion designers, textile mills, and industries. Textile designers have a variety of skills,

  • Dealing with different fabrics
  • Dyeing
  • Weaving
  • Embroidery
  • Different printing, etc.

If you put your skills to proper use, textile designing is surely a promising career for your future.

Textile Designing
Textile Designing

Fashion blogging:

Due to the advent of social media, the concept of ‘influencers’ has grown quite a lot. Anyone can secure a huge number of followers and start doing fashion blogging. Although, it is not as convenient as it sounds. You need to stay up-to-date about all the fashion around you. Also, to stand out, you need creativity and unique content.

There are blogging courses, but you can also learn fashion blogging by closely observing famous bloggers. If you’re successful, you can change the mentality of the people who follow you. 

Fashion blogging consists of:

  • Wearing and showing different outfits
  • Reviewing the brands
  • Trying out new fashion
  • Encouraging the followers
  • Interacting with the followers etc.

You can start your fashion blogging page right now on Instagram if you feel confident that this is the career of your type.

Fashion Blogging
Fashion Blogging

Fashion merchandising:

Merchandising is a fruitful career in the fashion business. Every brand needs a set of skilled fashion merchandisers to ensure the proper running of their business. The merchandiser has very important roles and responsibilities:

  • Ordering the correct stock
  • Sale and promotion of the stock
  • Management of the brand’s performance
  • Ensure the availability of materials etc.

The merchandiser plays a key role and the profit and loss of the company. Many universities provide courses and degrees in fashion buying and merchandising. It’s an important fashion industry job with responsibility. 

You can choose any of these jobs according to your set of skills. Lastly, whatever you choose, always work smart and you will surely excel in your career.