How to write a sales manager resume that stands out

How to write a sales manager resume that stands out
As a sales manager, you must have great speaking skills. Your persuasive talking can help you in your interview but can you write? What will

As a sales manager, you must have great speaking skills. Your persuasive talking can help you in your interview but can you write? What will you do when you are not physically present but you have to convince people to select you? You have to write a resume and it has to be the best. 

Sales Manager
Sales Manager

Why do you need to write a good resume?

You need to write a resume that is unique from others. The competition is tough. Sometimes, hundreds of people apply for the same sales manager job and only one gets it. You have to make sure that one person has to be you. An excellent resume should move the employers that he/she are left with no option but to call you for the interview.

Why Do You Need to Write a Good Resume
Why Do You Need to Write a Good Resume

How to write a professional sales manager resume

A resume is just like your first impression. You have to target two things.

  1. Present the best version of yourself through your resume
  2. Make your sales resume unique and different

Now, I will teach step-by-step about how do you write a resume,

Choose a layout: 

The first step is to choose an appropriate layout for your resume. Research the hiring company. Ask other people who are working there. Select the most appealing layout for your resume. The arrangement of your resume depends on this layout. Moreover, the layout is the first thing the employer will notice.

Choose a Layout
Choose a Layout

Write down your contact information: 

On the top, write down your information. It includes your contact number, your residential address, and your email address. Always give the correct details. Contact information is of value. In case they accept your resume, they will contact you through these details.

Devote a small paragraph for your objective: 

You must dedicate a small paragraph to your objective. Your sales manager’s objective must be strong and clear. Readability should be a top priority. Use your communication skills and tell why you are the most suited for this job. Also, mention what you can do for this company and pitch in ideas if you have any.

Professional experience:  

Moving on to the next part, type out the heading ‘professional experience’. This heading is extremely important. You have to mention all your past jobs and your current job as well. Write separate jobs under separate headings. Write down the name of the job, the duration of the job. Mention your skills and duties in bullet points. The points should be understandable. Mention all your sales skills clearly and highlight the important ones.

Write about your education: 

Type out the heading ‘Education’. Write clearly about your education under this heading. First, mention your sales degree then, the name of the university, and lastly, mention your year of passing out. If you have taken any other sales courses, you must mention it after your main degree.

Additional skills: 

If you have any other additional skills, mention them under a separate heading. It can be anything related or unrelated to sales. Write it in bullet points. 

Additional Skills
Additional Skills

Mention your awards: 

Under a separate heading, mention all of your achievements and certificates. Write about all the rewards you have achieved through your work.

Proofread your resume: 

After completing the above things, read, read and read your resume again. Read it 5-6 times. Look closely for any kind of mistakes. Correct your mistakes. Ask other people to read it for you, in case you cannot find any mistakes. When you’re done, print your resume. Put it in the envelope and it’s good to go.

What are your resume’s must-haves?

A good resume covers a few of the basic qualities. You must keep these in mind before writing your resume. 

  • Be a communicator: Sales are all about sweet-talking. You must reflect your communication skills in your resume.
  • Be innovative: You should mention any new ideas or positive changes you can bring to the table.
  • Be passionate: Your resume should give the impression that you are eager to work with the hiring company.
  • Be professional: Never write about personal issues or how badly you need this job. Be professional in every aspect. 


Each person has their skills and qualities. If you keep the above things in mind, your resume will outshine others. You will get one step closer to your dream job. You can also join resume writing classes to enhance your resume writing skills. Good luck!