Course Hero, a helpful assistant for students?

Course Hero, a helpful assistant for students?
The journey of knowledge is never easy for even the most experienced students. Last-minute tasks, piles of deadlines, and writer’s block may turn a simple

The journey of knowledge is never easy for even the most experienced students. Last-minute tasks, piles of deadlines, and writer’s block may turn a simple activity like writing an essay into a nightmare. Fortunately, you are not alone when there are many students who have suffered, at least once before you, and they are ready to become your guide on your study journey.

So what is Course Hero?

So What is Course Hero
So What is Course Hero

This platform is a place where you can get help from the older students by the unique collection of study guides, old projects, papers, and lecture notes for almost all the college classes you can imagine. 

Course Hero’s features

Document sharing is one of the features of Course Hero. It allows you to see previously written assignments from people that have taken the same classes as you such as essays, discussions, class notes, or lab reports. 

Course Hero provides a 24/7 Expert Tutor service to assist you with any question about your assignment. This is an excellent way to get on the right track when you are stuck in a challenging yet very particular subject.

Textbook solutions option is a new feature where you can get solutions and explanations for different books, activities, and questions, however, since it is new, it is still limited in book resources.

A platform for education is only useful if it is easy to use. Students may feel they are wasting valuable time merely learning how to use the service if it is too complicated or needs a steep learning curve. Fortunately, the Course Hero interface and incentive system are simple to use, so even non-techies will feel at ease.

Is there any difference between Course Hero and other learning platforms?

There are many study platforms, however, let’s take these popular learning assistance applications Scribd And Quizlet as two examples to compare.


While they share some similarities, their levels of content curation and utilization differ. Quizlet, for example, is a sharing platform where users may share their own study flashcards, instructions, and memory games that they have produced using the internet. Quizlet and Course Hero might compliment one other’s strengths, but they are not interchangeable. Anyway, Quizlet offers study activities related to content you will find in a specific class but not documents such as essays or notes. 


Scribd, on the other hand, is mostly a document-sharing platform with some sort of unlocking system. It is not, however, specifically built to provide information for college classes. You will receive a free unlock if a document, PDF, or book meets the screening procedure standards. This creates a quality issue because you can obtain both useful study tips and entirely unrelated information, but talking about the quality of the content, Course Hero is still better. 

How’s Course Hero function?

Course Hero functions by the unlock system which allows you to read and download complete documents and access other features. This unlock system is based on the “unlock point” which can be obtained by three main ways: post your own content, rate other people’s submission or pay a Course Hero Subscription Cost.

The first two methods depend on how many contents you submit or rate and it is totally free. The more documents you share or rate, the more features you can unlock. However, when you run out of unlock points then this platform is totally useless.

And the solution for the running out of point issue is to pay a subscription fee that offers you a more unlimited experience that does not require you to meet any of the above conditions. 

As long as you complete the prerequisites for unlocks, you can use Course Hero and all of its features for free. 

It is, however, a time-consuming procedure, and if you are a frequent user, you will eventually tire of contributing content and ratings. When this happens, you can always upgrade to a paid subscription, which includes the following features:

  • 24/7 Homework Help From Our Expert Tutors
  • Unlock 30 Documents Per Month
  • Access Course Hero’s Library Of Over 25 Million Course-Specific Study Resources
  • Unlimited Access To Textbook Solutions, Which Are Step-By-Step Explanations To Popular Textbook Questions, Verified By Educators.

If you are a new user you may want to try the Course Hero Free trial, to find out if this platform is really helpful for you and to avoid wasting your precious money for nothing.  

Course Hero Price is also very flexible to suit the needs of each individual

  • For the monthly plan, you will pay $39.99 per month. 
  • For the quarterly plan, you will pay $19.95 each month.
  • For the annual plan, you will only pay $9.95 monthly.

Course Hero Cost seems very reasonable. You can get full access to see and download as many documents you want to. You’ll also get between 10 to 40 questions for a 24/7 Expert Tutor.

If you aren’t satisfied with the platform’s service, you still can get a Course Hero Refund, however, it will not automatically refund any new or recent recurring charges, and you will have to pay all debts and fees efore cancellation can take effect. To make sure you can get a refund, you should contact Course Hero by their website or telephone at any time.

There is still another way to download documents on Course Hero without requiring any unlock point or paying is using Course Hero Downloader.

How to use the Course Hero Downloader?

Step 1: Copy the document file URL from Course Hero

  • In the first step, Go to Course Hero. please copy the document file URL from the file you want to download from Course Hero.
  • You can copy directly from the address bar in the browser.
Course Hero
Course Hero

Step2: Open the Course Hero Downloader webtools page

  • Open a new tab in the browser.
  • Then go to the Coursehero Downloader webtools page

Step 3: Paste the URL of the file in the column, then click Get Link

  • Then paste the URL of the document file in the column.
  • Then click the GET LINK button.
  • Next, follow the next instructions.
Course Hero Downloader
Course Hero Downloader

Is Course Hero encouraging cheating?

Many clients concerned about students will use Course Hero as a cheating tool while it can lead to some issues such as plagiarism and more. The main purpose of a study platform is to understand the subject content, and websites like Course Hero can be an excellent resource. Students who cheat by using these methods will find another way to cheat regardless of whether Course Hero or similar sites exist. 

The idea is to take inspiration and guidance from others’ experiences rather than copying them. Students who are looking for research materials or who are having difficulty with their studies should consider Course Hero.

Course Hero is not a writing service. If you are in a time crunch and need someone else to take care of your assignment entirely, there are options like hiring an essay writer.