Archeological Jobs: 4 highest salary careers

Archeological Jobs: 4 highest salary careers
What is archeology? Archeology is the study of ancient life of human beings by discovering, observing, studying and analyzing human remains or fossils. According to

What is archeology?

Archeology is the study of ancient life of human beings by discovering, observing, studying and analyzing human remains or fossils. According to Bureau of Labor statistics, the growth of Archeological jobs is entitled to expand from 2019 to 2029 by 5%.

What is Archeology

Some of the high paying Archeology jobs are mentioned below

Archeological collections Assistant

He is the supervisor of the Archeological team. His work includes:-

  • Opting location and sites for excavation

The decision of choosing a place for excavation and experiments is selected by him. He analyzes and concludes which areas could be more historical and may fit best for their research.

  • Recording data

The results of the total work done during excavation, experiments, and analyzing is collected and recorded by him. If any data is not submitted properly, he is responsible for it.

  • Caretaker of equipment and specimens

The obtained fossils and specimens are very precious and rare. Anything lost, would result in conundrum. That’s why a specified person i.e. collection assistant is assigned for this job strictly

  • Designing and reserving images

He designs reference images and stores them with full responsibility. He also converts them into the Emu database.


On average, an Archeological collection assistant earns about $26,000 annually.

Archeological Collections Assistant

Archeological field technician

He is one of the most physically trained in the team. His job is rather tough and exhausting. His jobs include:-

  • Excavation of chosen sites

He has to dig miles down the earth for long and tiring hours. He has to lift heavy weight equipment and big tubs of soil. 

  • Survey conductions

They conduct surveys by collecting useful info and determining important historical places eligible for excavation.

  • Taking picture

He clicks out important pics that may assist in a research and analyzing process.

  • Soil sample collections

He collects different samples of soil from different layers for experiment and analyzing purposes as instructed by his supervisor.


An Archeological field technician’s job is not permanent, but they earn approximately $63,000 a year.

Archeological Field Technician

Senior Heritage consultant

His job is sophisticated. His work list is listed below:-

  • Construction site head and manager

He manages the construction sites and guides them with correct opinions and suggestions. He ensures every detail of the work precisely.

  • Team mentor

Whatever issues, problems and difficulties the team faces, he guides his team by resolving them. He leads the way out of complications.

  • Connecting and contacting with property holder

It’s one of his major tasks to be in contact with resident holders to grant permission for excavating purposes. The excavation done without consents are considered illegal.

  • Restoring evacuated sites

He assures the complete repair of damaged sites done due to work. The place should not look abandoned and the damage to property should be restored as quickly as possible after work is completed.


On average, a Senior Heritage consultant earns about $178,000 annually.

Oral historian

He makes the documentary of completed Archeological projects. His job is done in four main steps:-

  • Researching

He searches for every bit and piece of a specific project. He may reach out to the historical places to gather as much info as possible that fully supports his work.

  • Analyzing

Whatever the research work is done, needs to be analyzed and written in a proper manner and row to make everything more clear and prominent.

  • Recording

He makes a record of his work by writing or video making or may be audio recording. He has to make sure the whole thing has an alluring and surprising effect for the audience.

  • Presenting

It depends on how he feels comfortable or where he gets paid more; He presents his work there. It could be a YouTube channel or museum or library.


On average, an Oral Historian earns about $97,000 annually.

Oral Historian


Once you’re done with graduation in archeology, there are a wide range of archeology career options for you. If you love researching or have interest in digging up ancient marks of humans, you can go so far in the archeology field.

Other high paying archeology jobs include:-

  • Archeology Lab technician
  • Museum administrator
  • Archeological Geophysicists
  • Principal consultant Archaeologists