5 careers you can pursue with a communications degree

5 careers you can pursue with a communications degree
Graduates holding a communications degree come out of their studies and land onto a variety of jobs. From multiple fields and options to choose from,

Graduates holding a communications degree come out of their studies and land onto a variety of jobs. From multiple fields and options to choose from, communications degree holders often have to decide which of the many careers to pursue. This is because of their extensive communication as well as other basic skills that they can find communications degree jobs wherever they go.

From business communication to marketing and healthcare, almost every profession has a need for a communications degree graduate. One way or another, you will find a way to get a job that matches your skills as long as you have a degree in Communications Studies. To further strengthen your expertise and skill set, you can also take online communications courses which will come in handy when you are applying for a highly competitive job.

Online Communications Courses
Online Communications Courses

The skill set of communications majors

The purpose of a communications degree is to make you acquire a unique skill set that makes you a perfect candidate for jobs in the communications sector

Here are the top skills that communications aspirants acquire over the years.

  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Unique writing and presentation styles through different media
  • Creative mindset and strategy making
  • Superior planning, organizing, and execution skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Unsurpassed interpersonal skills
  • Relationship building

The above-listed skills are just the tip of the iceberg and communications majors are capable of a lot more. You can improve your communication by taking online classes for communication skills.

Top 5 careers in communications

PR Specialists

Specializing in public relations, PR specialists have what it takes to influence the general public. They are even capable of changing people’s opinions about some organizations that they work for. That’s exactly what their job description is. Many of the organizations want to convey messages and information which if not done in the right way, might end up harming the company’s reputation. 

PR Specialists
PR Specialists

This is where the excellent presentation styles and interpersonal skills of communications majors come into play. PR specialists also play an important role in arranging and organizing conferences and events. Additionally, they can also work to establish public relations and can offer their services for marketing and advertising purposes.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics report, the average salary of a PR specialist is $61,150. In addition to the very impressive salary package, they also get to enjoy other perks and benefits.

Media planner

Media planner is one of the high-paying jobs with a communications degree. In this capacity, communications experts determine the platforms that are most used by their targeted audience. With their exceptional interpretational skills, they help companies advertise their products and services on the right platforms.

Using different platforms such as radio, TV, Websites, and others, Media Planners figure out ways to run campaigns where most of their demographic groups reside. In addition to that, they have to use their communication skills to convey their plans and ideas to their colleagues and superiors.

With an average salary of $50,021, media planners earn good wages.

Media Planner
Media Planner

Writers and authors

Prioritizing their skills as writers, Communications majors have all the qualifications to become expert writers and authors. They know how to preserve the integrity of the written word. With their communication skills, they find a way to influence people even through pen and paper. Novelists, copywriters, speechwriters, and others are different kinds of writers and authors. They either work solo or for an organization.

In either capacity, the median annual wage of writers is $62,170 which varies in different regions and organizations.

Social media managers

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are a great way for companies to interact with people from around the world. Not only do they use these platforms to build brand reputation, but they also use them to advertise, run campaigns, and much more. 

Communications graduates working as social media managers use their expertise and their unique vision to carry out these tasks brilliantly. The average salary for social media planners is up to $50,986.

Social Media Managers
Social Media Managers

Sales Reps.

Being sales representatives is not what communications majors think of doing when they first enroll, but they could do better than anyone. Since they have the qualifications and skills to gather insights about the priorities and preferences of people, they are best suited for this job.

They have to use their verbal, written, and interpersonal relationship-building skills to get attention from people. With an average annual wage of $63,000, sales representatives earn a handsome amount of money.